Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 2 & 3 Roma

Well Space Cadets,

Sorry I have left you out to dry for a few days .... I have been having fun well trying too anyways ...

As some of you already know my puppy well fully grown dog was very sick, and subsequently passed away Yesterday afternoon Saturday 29th October ... So I have as I am sure you understand  subsequently not in the mood to type or talk about the things I have been doing.

But lets talk ab about Rome Day 2 - Well today we had a ancient Rome tour with a tour guide called wait for it Fabio ... had to bite my lip a little ...

But in the end he was knowledgeable but almost no one could hear him not because he had his lips sewn shut but because the tour company Carrani keeps hiring the cheapest RF transmitters and receivers so as soon as you farther that 4 meters away from your guide you start losing audio ... 

The American tourists in our group well doing a excellent job of letting Fabio know about it ...

I'll let the pictures tell the story ...

Start of the day ... Oh what's that over my left shoulder :)

A little closer to the main event 

The detail of this .... try getting to do this much work nowadays

A big bronze door lol

A little too serious ... at the colosseum

Day 3 Roma ....
Well today we had a tour of the Vatican Museum, St. Peters Church and all the trimmings ...

All I can say I throughly enjoyed this whole day ... It just amazed me walking through the Vatican Museum and seeing that the Museum itself was the Museum not the artifact laying within it's walls ... we got a chance to see the Sistine Chapel and the amazing Fresco's by Michaelangelo ... then we got snuck into the crypts of some of the past pope's including Pope John Paul II

The whole day was just humbling ... then walked into St. Peters Church ... and the size of this building was unexplainable .... Just amazing ...

Again I'll let the pics do the talking ...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 1 Roma

Well kids today was our first day Roma … Well technically not Roma but Napoli &Pompeii.

We had a early rise 5.30am which we managed somehow even after we arrived in our hotel at 7pm and then had a epic dinner (or as Alan calls it “the death feed” opposite the colosseum which ended up finishing at 11pm coming back to the hotel and got to bed.

We got on our bus to Pompeii and Napoli … I passed out pretty much straight away on the bus I think Alan did a little better he managed to stay awake a while … the plus of being a morning person. We first reached Napoli (Naples) it was unfortunately raining but it didn’t distract it from being a very depressing place L but we did a little walking tour of Napoli and saw some impressive monuments. Alan was just getting annoyed at all the hawkers attacking him trying to sell him umbrellas despite him having one in his hand … J

We thankfully only were in Napoli for a maximum of an hour (alan’s words were – our dithering old bat of a tour guide mumbled her way through our tour of Napoli … and barely made sense when we could hear her)

But we got to Pompeii – we had some lunch in a restaurant and then proceeded to the ruins and … again I was astounded by the history of this place got some awesome pics aswell. Thankfully our dithering old bat also known as our tour guide got better and started to loosen up a little and made some tacky jokes (Alan -  She remembered the eruption well)

The time taken to excavate the ruins then restore them was just well worth it !!! The only thing that annoyed me was the fact that tourists were dropping garbage and old batteries in the ruins … I mean c’mon people this is a historic site were people met a horrible end … show a little respect.

In any case I had a great day then we did our 2 and a bit hour drive back to the hotel.

We freshened up a little then headed out for dinner had an awesome pizza, watched some guys make out, then headed back to the hotel to sleep.

Well day one despite it being wet cold and rather miserable had a day of interesting facts … like a live discovery channel !!! LOVE IT !!!