Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 3 - Evan and Evans Tours

Well I am sitting on the Eurostar at the moment have not had a second to scratch myself the last few days with all the tours that myself and Alan have been on…

Our first tour was to Warwick Castle, Oxford & Stratford upon Avon

We had a dynamic duo on board with us our tour guide was named Deborah who we eventually ended up naming “mum” and our driver Joe who we ended up calling … Joe J

Our first port of call was Oxford … now mum was a wealth of information who overloaded us with information but I would have to say the best tour guide I have ever had.
She informed us that Oxford was a university town not a university as such the governing body was Oxford Universities. So we ventured into Christchurch College, where consequently some Harry Potter scenes were filmed, and the inspiration behind the “Great Hall” The Original name of the university was “Corpus Christie” Christ’s House which some on the students still refer to is as house. There is more to the story but I’ll tell you all that in person when I see you again.
The most beautiful architecture that I had seen “so far” and of course mum continued to overload us with information which was brilliant … Discovery Channel eat your heart out you had nothing on mum.

Next was Stratford upon Avon the birthplace of William Shakespeare well again another historical sight that blew my mind when we did eventually walk into the house it dawned on me … I am walking in the place on the same floor William Shakespeare was born and lived in … Yeah take a second to take that in kids …

Then Warwick Castle, I finally visited my first castle and wow what a whopper it was, according to mum it was voted by Britons as the best castle to visit in England … so not the United Kingdom so that rules out Scotland etc.

Visited my first Dungeon and I was overwhelmed with a sense of outrage, shock, awe and disbelief and how we treated people … to put in frankly I actually got quite emotional when I looked and the Oubliette and realised the foetal position these people would have had to been in for the rest of their lives getting fed if the jailors remembered to feed them at all, and sitting sleeping in their own effluent.

Of course this is nothing without the pictures I have taken and I have taken plenty I will upload them once I do get a net connection I am trying to play catch up J

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