Thursday, October 21, 2010

PARIS - Day 2 Washing off the smell

Well today was spent buying a new phone so parentals could still keep in contact also going to the Gendarmes (aka police)

After the shit night we had before we did avoid the “Historic Paris Tour” and slept in while I had a chance to gather myself and stop re-living the moment of loss.

We did however get to see the Champs Elysees again I can’t say anything positive about today … we did have to find a pair of shoes for Alan so he could get into the Moulin Rouge. We looked round the Champs Elysees but neither Alan nor I could see the justification in paying 70 Euro, for a plain pair of black shoes.

We hopped in a cab and we found a driver than managed to speak “English” we told him about our dilemma in regards to black shoes he suggested some markets that were on … so we drove out there with him … as we hopped out of the cab he said for us to be careful as there were numerous pickpockets in this particular markets. GREAT … we thought so here we were in a shanty looking market where there was every possibility the vendors could disappear in a heartbeat at the near hint of the police and we were walking through it … on high alert.

After a few close calls to suspicious looking people we finally escaped back to the hotel. With a pair of shoes and 2 pairs of gloves and some sunnies for Al.

We then dressed to the 9’s and started to head to our planned Moulin Rouge dinner. What an amazing show it was we had dinner in the most immaculate and historically correct theatre of that time.

The costumes and performances were amazing, of course most of it was in French we didn’t really understand it all … but were suitably entertained and distracted by the scantly clad women bouncing around near us.

We got sat down next to a Italian couple who had just got married the day before so we bought a bottle of Champagne and shared the loved a toasted to their health.

Overall a good night and since both me and Alan were adequately inebriated we started to joke and forget about the night before.

And it was then when the Gypsy-Queen’s roared was heard, echoing across the Parisian sky and deep within the soul… and even though we shivered in fear as the locals waled and sought the protection of shadows, we shared the smirk of a small victory. The hideous whench had ordered the return of her spawn, to discover the latest haul was useless.

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