Friday, October 22, 2010

Nice = Nice

Well after the conclusion of the night in Toulouse we came back to the hotel and started to chill for a while we slipped downstairs to upload some of the blog and surf the net quickly … then headed out for dinner being 9 pm and the cost of a meal at the hotel totalling the rent for a week on a house in Brisbane we went for a walk and found a maccas store !!!

I know I’m rolling my eyes too but we weren’t of the area and we just wanted to stay close to the hotel with more potential protests on the way.

We ate and then slept …

This morning however we took a bit of time to wake up and our original time of being downstairs and waiting for a taxi at 8 am turned to 8.30.

I walked outside to take in the protesters air only to start chatting to a brit who was extremely intoxicated and he made several suggestions about how to get to the airport he then said
            “If my girlfriends’ car was not damaged then I would drive you”
There was no chance in hell he was driving anywhere but him and his Irish and 2 other French friends kept me entertained for a while

I eventually talked to the concierge again and he called up the taxi company again and said maybe 10 more mins … we were cutting it close. So I slipped him 5 Euro of course a blatant bribe to make sure he gets us a taxi ASAP.

It worked within 10 mins he had a taxi waiting for us and we had slipped to the front of the queue. We hopped in and were on our way to the airport our taxi driver had been told by the concierge of our time constraints and he really put the foot down taking us through all manner of back streets of Toulouse and managed to get us to the airport we gave him a generous tip and were checked in for our flight … got on the plane a little ATR-76 and were on our way to Nice.

Got picked up at our transport at the airport and were on out way to the hotel … as we drove we admired the scenery of the French Riviera … all I can say is WOW … Nothing I had seen in movies could prepare me for what I was looking at the sun was out and heating me up … I was thawing out from UK and Paris finally …

Below is the picture of the taxi driver that got us to the airport in time ... we shall call him Bob ...
Views from our hotel room in Nice

Oh my god Sun and Sea ... What a brilliant Combo !!!

Alan with his beer !!! Well maybe 2.5 beers in one.

Me with some Chocolate Mousse ... Significance of this shot I ordered some mousse in Paris just before my phone got stolen ... so i never ate it ... mission now accomplished :)

Alan and I went for a walk down to the city centre and had a look around via the beautiful vista of the ocean. We have now bought some grog and now in our hotel over looking the water typing this blog with the sun setting just behind the hotel and ready for a few drinks and a nice night in.

Well that's all from me for now ... Talk to you all soon !!!


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