Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 1 & 2 London

Well despite the massive issues with finding a net connection in this god forsaken city. I have managed to post a few of the pics from the rest of my epic 25 hours on planes airports.

Well I arrived at my hotel. My driver Tony from the airport was well ... Very boring. But nonetheless he did manage to get me there.

I finally met up with Alan and got comfortable in the shoe box of a room that we booked :)

Myself and Alan caught up with each other which took all of 48 seconds then we started walking out and exploring Alan introduced me to my first oyster card, and then my first tube ride.

Alan being the amusing and rather good tour guide he is walked me out of my first underground station to find me looking at big ben. Yeah. It was a brilliant wow factor moment for the introduction to London.

He however has had some rather amusing moments aswell ...

• after I take off my new prescription sunnies ad put on my old ones Alan looks at me and says your glasses have changed ... I look at him strangely while my brain tries to
compute what he has said I retort "I have" Alan responds aahh.
• we are walking near Scotland yard looking for a particular tour boat we are looking for Alan looks at a boat and says "no that's a boat". I look at him for a second and piss myself laughing and respond that's very astute of you.
• we eventually hop on the right boat and we are impressed at how nice the ferry is and the size of it I look at it and think to myself it could hold 200 people. While we are heading towards Tower of London I'm at typing some of this blog entry and Alan looks at me and says "it should hold 10 people" I stop typing and look around and the looks at him confused. He stopped mid sentence, I'm assuming he was talking about the pods on the London Eye.
Again Alan provided some entertainment.

We did a bit of a tour of the tower of london and now having a pint at "The Draft House"

To be continued ...

And charlie the unicorn :)

Parnesh "Nesh" Sharma

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