Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 4 Evan and Evans Tours

Now on to day 4, Today we went to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath all of which were very beautiful.

Windsor castle is extraordinary the amount of history that is nailed to the walls suits of armour, family crests and then of course the bedrooms we had access too. Unfortunately we could not take pictures inside the castle, so no pics were taken of the inside of the amazing building so all I’ll have is my memories of this place J

Stonehenge I have of course been obsessed with this place for ages and even more so when Matthew Reilly wrote about it in “Six Sacred Stones”
We were not allowed close enough to touch the pillars but we managed to get a lot of shots of it … and I mean a lot mwahahaha. It perplexes me how this monument is in the middle of nowhere and how it came about. As you walk away from it I thought to myself “it’s good to have mysteries.

Finally Bath, a quaint little village, the kinda place you would like to raise your kids. We saw the Roman Baths again the awe of walking in the footsteps of where someone else has walked approximately 2000 years ago. Yeah picture that number pretty awesome huh.

We then did the 2.5 hour drive back to London and started organising our bags for Paris, but in the process of doing that I learnt of some industrial action that was taking place in France so we went into panic mode as to if we did go to France were we going to be able to fly out again J

Maybe an over-reaction but considering what is to come in France I kinda wish I had over reacted more.

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